You’ll Never Guess Why This High Schooler Buys 800 Flowers – Such A Romantic!

Some people are just born natural romantics. Since he was 14-years old, Hayden Godfrey, saved his hard-earned money to anonymously send his friends flowers for Valentine’s Day. Every year, the number of friends he would send flowers to would grow. Now 17 years old, Godfrey has done what many teens his age has done.

He worked and saved all year to come up with the $450 to buy a flower for every girl in his high school – all 834 of them. To earn this money, Godfrey had to take on several jobs, including bagging groceries, washing dishes at a Mexican restaurant, and working at McDonalds.


Godfrey’s mother told ABC News that her son first came up with this idea in middle school when he saw some girls at his school didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day.  This broke his heart and he wanted nothing more than to change it.

With the help of 20 of his friends, Godfrey was able to prepare the flowers to be distributed at their school. Godfrey’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Lilyan Sharp,  considers this act as “very special.” Along with the flowers, Godfrey also gave her concert tickets to see A Great Big World in Salt Lake City.