Chef Jamie Bissonnette Shows You How To Make the Perfect Paella

Looking for comfort food that’s a little outside the box and a tasty culinary adventure in your mouth? Paella might just fit the bill. Paella is a dish that originated on the east coast of Spain. There is an old legend that tells the story of how paella began because the Moorish kings servants would take all the leftover dishes from a feast and mix them together for the king’s guests to take home.

Whatever the true origin may be, paella is now a dish that is renowned all over the world. In the video below, Chef Jamie Bisonette shows us exactly how to make the perfect paella dish using chicken, chorizo, and calasparra or bomba rice. One tip is to use a paella pan, sometimes called a paellera, which is a large, round steel pan with handles. Serve directly from the pan while hot.