Dying Stray Cat Saved By A Husky – So Touching!

When Rosie, a stray cat was only 3 weeks old, she was found by her humans. Sadly, she was very sick and they did not know whether she would survive. Not knowing her outcome, they did the only thing they thought would bring her some comfort. They allowed her to cuddle with one of their husky’s named Lilo.


Miraculously, Lilo allowed Rosie to suckle her, and the two became an unlikely mom and baby pair despite that Lilo had never had puppies. Since then, Rosie has made a full recovery.


Lilo has been an incredible surrogate mom to Rosie. She has even taught Rosie to get along with other huskies.


Deep down, it seems that Rosie really considers herself to be one of the pack!


(h/t: lovemeow)