Lost Stuffed Bunny Gets Pampered At A Hotel

How many times have we lost something while traveling and try as we might to recover them, they are forever lost in the black hole that is where missing items go. Plenty right? Well, one little girl lost her favorite stuffed animal behind at a hotel where her family was staying and while for many other kids who have lost a toy while traveling,  this is where her story begins.

When the hotel staff at Adare Manor in Ireland found the stuffed bunny, they immediately sprang to action. They gave the bunny a five-star treatment and started posting photos to their Facebook page in the hopes of returning the bunny to its owner.


He got a massage while waiting for his owner to return.


He enjoyed tea and other refreshments.


He lounged out on the patio.


He even snuck some TV time in.


Looks like this bunny had a very enjoyable vacation before being reunited with his owner.