When Cats And Turtles Become Best Friends, It’s The Cutest Thing

Unlikely friendships are struck everyday. But perhaps one of the more unlikely ones we’ve seen is the friendship between cats and turtles. Yes, cats and turtles. You read that right. As unbelievable as it may sound, these pictures we’ve found prove that if these two very different species can get along, we too can work better at getting along with each other.

Isn’t this just the picture of sweetness? Look at how this turtle is laying its head so sweetly on the kitty’s head.


Just two friends enjoying a nice meal together.


Just watching the kiddies while mommy and daddy are out!


You know you have a great friend when you two can just hang out and not even chat with each other.


A friend is someone who always has your back, or in this case, who lets you ride their back.


Lean on me, when you’re …oh this just makes me want to burst into song.


The way this kitty is holding this turtle, it’s just magical!




(photos | imgur)